Bemer Vascular Technology

Now offering Bemer sessions in the office. . Bemer sessions typically lasts 8 minutes.  You lye on your back and allow the specific bemer signal transmit through a pulsed electro magnetic field.  The effect is that it will increase the micro circulation in your body by 30%!! Its effect will last up to 48 hours.  Increase your body's ability to heal itself!

Improve your life in 8-16 minutes!
The complete personal and professional solution for improving your wellbeing.

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NQ Family Chiropractic

       Dr. Nancy Quevillon

BEMER enhances:

General blood flow
Cardiac function
Concentration and mental acuity
Sleep management
The body's nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal
Physical fitness and endurance
Strength and energy
Stress reduction and relaxation